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At Abundant Living lifestyle Center and Health Foods, it is our goal to provide encouragement and practical information about healthy living.
Did you know that back in 1999 Senator Bob Bennett announced that health care is America’s largest industry? Wow! That is saying that as a country, we spend more money going to doctors and hospitals, as well as paying for medicines and other medical treatments, than we do on anything else.  In June of 2000, a 'Birmingham News' article stated that Americans spend more money than any other nation on health care. All this money is being spent, and yet we are experiencing some of the highest rates of degenerative disease. These statistics provide some sad commentaries on the health of Americans, and should cause us to recognize the need to make some changes. At the very least, we need to do what we can to determine the factors that impact our health, in our personal everyday lives.  Most people call the medical system that we have today health care; I wonder if a better term would be "disease care". As a nation, the statistics tell us that we are not doing too well taking care of our health, yet we are spending a great deal,  in efforts as well as resources, taking care of our diseases. Today the topic of health care is being hotly debated. High health care costs are being blamed on various factors, but rarely is it mentioned that perhaps we are spending more simply because we don't take very good care of our health. It is a reality that if we do not take the time needed for our health, we will be forced to take time out to be sick.

At Abundant Living we teach principles that have been used by many to overcome various health challenges. There are testimonies of people that have been faced with the diagnosis of diseases of all kinds, and after applying these principles they have regained their health. We believe that God designed the body for wellness, and that if we can remove the factors that caused the body to become sick, it has the natural God given ability to rebuild and heal. We also trust in God’s supernatural healing power, and feel that faith and prayer can provide a foundation to undergird and guide our lives, to bring us to a place of wholeness.
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